Newbie Customer Service

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About Newbie

Swedish lifestyle brand Newbie was established in 2010 as part of KappAhl. Their products are specifically aimed at children aged 0-8. By uniting classic Swedish sustainable design with international fashion trends, they have become a popular choice among environmentally conscious as well as those who simply want designed children’s clothing.

Customer Service Channels:

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Newbie Customer Service – Phone

Newbie customer service phone number: +44-7523-512-465.

Operating hours: MONDAY-Friday: 07: 30-15: 30 BST.

Other phone numbers:

Newbie Richmond – +44-7523-512-467
Newbie Bluewater – +44-7849-082-924
Newbie Westfield – +44-7715-311-985
Newbie Northcote – +44-7849-084-373
Newbie Meadowhall – +44-7849-086-799
Newbie Milton Keynes – +44-7849-086-801

Newbie Customer Service – Website

Customer service, knowledge base, and self service on the official website of Newbie: click here.

Newbie Customer Service – Email

Newbie customer service email address: [email protected] .

Newbie Customer Service – Twitter

Customer service on the twitter account of Newbie: click here.

Newbie Customer Service – Facebook

Customer service on the facebook page of Newbie: click here.

Newbie Customer Service – Chat

– No chat support.

Newbie Customer Service – Address

Newbie customer service or head office address: St James House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8 5HD, United Kingdom.